The benefits of practicing a martial art!

We all already know that exercise is healthy. However, exercise does not always have to mean that you have to exhaust yourself for an hour in the gym. There are so many more ways to work on your physical health. Running, cycling, swimming, jumping rope and even practicing martial arts are great ways to stay healthy. By the way, did you know that practicing a martial art, to stay fit and healthy, has even more benefits? In this blog we list all the advantages for you.

Self-control and discipline

There are many types of martial arts. Just think of MMA, kickboxing, karate, judo, kung fu and taekwondo. Although all these types of martial arts differ from each other, they also have a number of things in common. For example, self-control and discipline are two very important components when you practice this sport. These sports do not only train on learning to fight. There is still a whole process ahead of it, in which other elements are also discussed and are of great importance. Especially being able to create the right balance is an important starting point for any kind of martial arts.

Control your body

Our bodies are complex. We moved ourselves for at least 80 percent without consciously thinking about it. Take your breathing as an example. Our breathing is one of the most important functions of our body. When we don’t breathe we won’t get enough oxygen to keep our body running, but how often do you consciously breathe? By practicing a martial art you get to know your body a lot better and you also get more (conscious) control over it. At times that can be very valuable to yourself.

Self confidence

Another advantage you get from practicing martial arts is the growth in your self-confidence. Everything you learn and do will expand your self-confidence a lot. You learn to respect your body and see what you can actually do. Probably much more than you’ve ever dreamed of. You feel stronger and more energetic. Practicing a martial art allows you to grow in so many different ways that you train more than just your body.

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